The big marketing agencies love selling you fancy content creation and translation packages at substantial prices. How about skipping the middleman and going directly to the freelancers they work with?

Discover the Geo concept: tailored editorial services at a fair price. No more salespeople selling you services they don’t understand. Talk directly to the real experts behind content creation, translation and inbound marketing projects.

Save time, save money, get results.

Editorial marketing

To build your brand, engage your audience and convert potential customers, you need to communicate what makes your company better than your competitors. Good content can do that for you. Continue reading “Editorial marketing”


Do you want to reach out to international markets? The first step is to translate your website and marketing material into the right languages.
We understand that small and mid-size companies have limited resources to spend on translation. We help your budget by using a combination of different translation styles to create the most effective, cost-efficient results Continue reading “Translation”



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