Our approach

The Geo network is made up of professional freelance translators, writers, SEO experts and editors. We work for digital marketing agencies on an international scale.

These agencies are big and powerful enough to carry out major content creation and translation projects for the largest international companies. Over many years of working on these types of projects, we have built up a vast network of independent writers, editors, SEO experts and translators with proven expertise.

We want smaller companies to be able to benefit from our network and experience. And we want to continue providing the best possible service to our first direct clients. That is why we created the Geo network: to offer the same high-quality services at an affordable price.

Geo clients save around 15% on SEO, content and translation projects, while benefiting from the same services we provide through solid agencies to the biggest names in hospitality, travel and search engine optimization.

Our desire to offer our clients the best possible value for money is sometimes reflected in the payment terms: an upfront payment may be required for large projects. This means the freelancers are paid on time and remain dedicated to providing you top-quality editorial and translation services at a fair price.

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