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  • What is transcreation?

    What is transcreation?

    Perspective shifts influence perceived value In short: Transcreation means changing what is actually being said to match the culture of your targeted audience, their interests, their habits… Every good translation requires some adaptation, like changing some adjectives to reflect the right tone in your language, rearranging the sentence structure to have a natural flow, or…

  • Responsible content: anti-greenwashing tips

    Responsible content: anti-greenwashing tips

    If you were writing marketing material about “women empowerment”, would you put kitchen utensils and a manicure kit as illustrations? 🥄🥘💅 Old & cliché, isn’t it? 🧐 So why do most people systematically put trees, ferns and little rabbits frolicking in the grass as soon as we communicate on eco-friendly matters and CSR? 🌳🌿🐇 As…

  • Calculating the ROI of an online presence

    Calculating the ROI of an online presence

    The Return On Investment calculation answers the question: How much money do I get back relative to what I invest?It’s performed over a fixed timescale, such as a year. The simplicity of the calculation means it’s suited to investments whose outcome and value are uncertain. It gives a rough idea rather than an exact figure.…