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Responsible content: anti-greenwashing tips

If you were writing marketing material about “women empowerment”, would you put kitchen utensils and a manicure kit as illustrations? 🥄🥘💅

Old & cliché, isn’t it? 🧐

So why do most people systematically put trees, ferns and little rabbits frolicking in the grass as soon as we communicate on eco-friendly matters and CSR? 🌳🌿🐇

As if our imagination of nature were limited to the enchanted forest of our childhood stories… A collective of scientists recently analyzed on our misrepresentation of the animal world in the emoticon catalog, made up overwhelmingly of vertebrates. It does not represent the reality of existing species and biodiversity, which is diminishing in a way that seems quite invisible to many of us. 🕷️🐝

👉 We focus instead on actions, facts, figures when we communicate about eco-frendliness or CSR on behalf of our clients. We go beyond declaration of intentions and help you to protect yourself from greenwashing and opt for responsible marketing.

All that, to apologize for the total nudity when it comes to illustrations and my lack of graphic skills in the slides below! 😊 But in my job, it’s all about the content!

Escape greenwashing: responsible content marketing tips

Modifying old habits and replace obsolete values to drive positive changes. That’s what CSR is about. A genuine desire to tell a new story is key to the success of your responsible marketing. To sum up these slides, I would invite you to:

  • Act first, then communicate.
  • Avoid shallow claims and size changes according to the challenges you face.
  • Have your commitments acknowledged by a certification that is relevant to your industry.
  • Communicate in a humble, authentic and realistic way.

Are you afraid of falling into the traps of greenwashing? Our trained copywriters are here to help. All you have to do is ask.